A free 30 Day encouragement & Prayer Devotional for every woman trying to find her place in this chaotic world.

To Our Dear Sisters Around The Globe…

It’s with joy that we present the first devotional of a series of several of them by God’s grace which has been specially package for you in order to bring light in the darkness you’re facing at the moment, spirit-filled words to minister to you specially and equip you for a life of unending success and victory that you have in Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Conscious of the many different circumstances that you may be facing, God having you in His thoughts propelled us to compile different topics to make sure that you’ll come out with a testimony at the end because that’s the life you’re called into;if you don’t know you’ll know it at the end or during this 30 days devotional.

We’re so thrilled to be used by God to minister to God’s daughter and we pray that as you go through it, you’ll be refreshed, transformed, fully furnished and equipped putting on the full armour of God and stand your ground in life as you make use of the authority that Jesus Christ has given you, chasing away the wrong thoughts and breaking the strongholds that has been going on for days, months or years.

You can change it, Sis!

We love you specially and we pray that as this devotional blesses your life, that you bless someone else with it by sharing it with them.


Co- Written By:

  • Dame Ndali Modebe
  • Nita Okoye
  • Ornella Mukumpuri

This is a free devotional, we only ask that if you loved reading this that you share it with your friends and loved ones.

Much love and God bless!

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